Any buyer considering a substantial purchase should take advice. In the majority of cases a property is the largest single purchase any of us undertake, and it therefore makes sense to obtain as much information as possible before making a commitment.

When buying a home with the assistance of a mortgage the lender will probably obtain a valuation report to confirm that the property offers reasonable security for the loan. That valuation, although carried out by a qualified valuer, is intended solely to satisfy the requirements of the lender. It provides brief details based on a limited inspection. Even if a copy of the report is received there is insufficient detail to provide the buyer with a sound basis upon which to make a purchasing decision.

Why use an independent Surveyor?

The valuation report obtained by the mortgage lender may be obtained from an 'in-house' staff valuer, an associated firm of valuers or a corporate organisation. Ian Macklin & Co is an independent company of chartered valuation surveyors that can act on your behalf to provide a totally impartial report tailored to your specific needs. The details and advice given will allow you to reach a decision, uninfluenced by external considerations.

Points to consider:
1. Is the Surveyor acting for you exclusively
2. Do you wish to chose your own Surveyor
3. Are you confident that your Surveyor is not influenced by external factors.

Independent Surveyors will:
1. Agree the cost in advance
2. Agree a timetable
3. Discuss the contents of the report with you after the inspection
4. Take into account alterations that you may be contemplating and tailor the report to your needs

Home buyer report / private survey report:
Ian Macklin & Co is able to provide either the Home Buyer service (in a standard format designed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) or a private survey highlighting significant defects and commenting upon items of disrepair. The main differences between the two options are summarised below.
Private Surveyor Report

If you require any further information, please contact us, we will be happy to help.

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